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Bangalore Housing Society

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Welcome to our
Co-operative Housing Society!

All of us want to build a house of our dreams at an affordable cost. But apartment prices in bangalore are going up and out of reach for a common man. Only because of Speculation by the property dealers and high profit margin taken by builders. Our idea is to get together and build a co-operative society which is going to build apartment and actual cost will be shared between all the members of society.
We all will be able to save a lot of money because there will not be:
Any profit margin
Any advertisement cost
Any brokrage cost
and there will be pooling of resources and a team effort by all of us in minimizing the costs.
We are organizing our first meeting on September 22nd.
So please register yourself before that and contribute by giving your suggestions and ideas for your dream house. If you like the idea than become a part of the 100 members' society as soon as possible.





Please get in touch for comments and join our co-operative society

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